What Do the Subaru Warning Lights Mean?

Subaru dashboard

What Do the Subaru Warning Lights Mean?

Are your Subaru Outback warning lights flashing? Not sure what to do about Subaru warning lights with an exclamation point? If you’re traveling throughout Michigan in your Subaru and one of the dashboard symbols illuminates, your vehicle may require brake service, an oil change or other maintenance. When you first turn your vehicle on, it’s normal to see multiple warning lights on the dash in a Subaru, but after a few seconds, you’ll see only active warnings or indicators. Check out some of the most common Subaru indicator lights, and don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to our Subaru dealership near Plymouth Charter Township, MI, for guidance.

Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control Warning Light

The Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control warning light indicates you should travel with caution because there is limited traction.

Subaru Oil Level Light

If your Subaru is overdue for an oil change, the Subaru oil level warning light will turn on. When that happens, call us to schedule a Subaru oil change in Ann Arbor, MI.

Subaru TPMS Warning Light

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System light turns on when it senses low tire pressure. You may just need to add air to the tires, but if you need a Subaru tire replacement nearby, turn to Dunning Subaru.

Other Subaru Warning Lights

  • Subaru ABS light
  • Subaru security indicator light
  • Access key warning indicator
  • Door open warning light
  • Engine hood open warning light
  • Low fuel warning light
  • Seatbelt warning lights
  • SRS airbag system warning light
  • Windshield washer fluid warning indicator